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Private Fees

All consultation for private treatment are FREE if you decide to go ahead with the private treatment plan suggested.

The fees on the site is a guide and may change depending on the individual circumstances. We also reserved the right to change the fees without notice, The site is updated regularly.

Lower Soft Bite Guard £60
Stain Removal £75
Teeth Whitening (Home) £350
Consultation for Teeth Whitening £70
White Filling (one surface) £85
White Filling (two or more surfaces) £135
Bonded Crown (non precious metal) £420
Bonded Crown (precious metal) £450
All Ceramic Crown(no metal) £650
Veneer £680
Non Precious Metal Bridge( bonded to porcelain) £420 per unit
Precious Metal Bridge( bonded to porcelain) £450 per unit
Full Gold Crown, onlay,Inlay (precious metal) £450
Signum Composite inlay, onlay ,crown £350
Post & Core £120
Gum Shield £75
Diagnostic Wax UP £60 per unit
Study Model £75
Silver Filling ( one surface) £75
Silver Filling ( two or more surfaces) £95
Extraction (Simple Extraction) £85
Surgical Extraction £175
Denture Full/ Full £750
Single Partial Denture per uint £550
Private consultation £85
Root Canal Treatment ( Single canal.1-3) £300
Root Canal Treatment ( two canals 4-5) £350
Root Canal Treatment( three canals 6-7) £450
Re-Root Canal Treatment £560
Clear step consultation (Diagnostic and treatment planning) £225
Clear step braces- one arch £2500
Clear step braces- two arches £3500
Implants From £1895

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