You are doing your normal routine work and all of a sudden you feel a sharp pain in your mouth. There are great chances that the cause of this pain is dental abscess if you have had a history of oral infections or so.

There are two sorts of dental abscess:

A periapical, or tooth abscess, influences the foundation of the tooth. The other sort, a periodontal (gum) abscess, influences the gums. The latter one happens in serious instances of periodontal infections, when the gums have pulled far from the teeth, making pockets. Both sorts of abscesses comprise of little pockets that are loaded with bacterial discharge. With the right treatment, you can improve from either sort and recapture control of your oral health.


Pain from a tooth abscess is constant, sharp, and often sufficiently serious to be problematic. You may encounter inconvenience biting, affectability to hot or cool substances and even swollen lymph nodes – which fight disease all through the body.  

You may likewise have the capacity to feel the abscess in your mouth. On account of a periodontal sore, an injury will form in the influenced area. A little bump that resembles a pimple can also form on the gum close to a tooth sore.


See our dentist when you think or find either sort of abscess. Until any further procedure, swish with salted water which will help ease the pain.

The initial step in treating either a tooth or gum abscess is drain bacteria from the pocket formed. Our dentist will in all likelihood recommend anti-infection agents to kill any sort of bacteria.

Depending upon the location of abscess, any of the following treatment procedure is followed:

  •        A root canal is mostly performed to clear the tooth abscess.
  •        A periodontal abscess is treating by a periodontist who depletes the disease and gives a profound cleaning to the area with scaling and root planing. It results in a smooth surface to which it is hard for bacteria to cling.


There are a number of mouth sores that are formed around or in the mouth. Some are excruciating, some are unattractive and some might be an indication of something more serious. However, if you have any sore or infection which does not go off within 10 days, consult your dentist before the situation gets any worse.


Here are several more basic tissue disturbances and guidance from the experienced dentists on how to overcome it.

Candidiasis – otherwise called “thrush,” it is a fungus contamination that happens in the mouth or throat because of an excess of yeast. Manifestations include white spots inside the mouth or on the tongue, sore throat and trouble in swallowing.

Canker sores – these are little white or yellow center lesions with red boundary. They grow in the mouth on the tongue, inside cheek, lips, gum line, and throat. They are not infectious.

Cold sores – these wounds show up as clusters of red, raised blisters outside the mouth ordinarily around the lips, yet they can also develop under the nose or under the chin. They are profoundly contagious.

If you are having any mouth discomfort, please contact our friendly team to book your appointment.


Using a dummy may damage your child’s teeth.

Dummies have proved to be really helpful during the first few months, helping the child to settle and sleep as the sucking actions soothe the baby. For many parents, dummies are a real sanity-saver. A crying baby can be easy to child with dummymanage with a pacifier. However, it can be true to say that prolonged use of dummy can damage the baby’s dental health and also be associated with speech disturbances.  Many dental problems like anterior open bite, top teeth sticking out are observed in children who use it regularly. These dental disturbances can later be a cause of low self-esteem, shyness and other psychological disturbances. However, there is no need to panic, there is a good news. Children at early age are growing quite rapidly and if you quit dummy early, you can definitely see improvement in your child’s teeth as they can grow in their correct positions without the dummy hindering their growth.

When should you stop giving your child dummy?

Not all parents are lucky enough that their child gives up dummy them self. This is very rare and most of the times, the parents have to intervene and go through a serious struggle to have their child stop taking the dummy. It is suggested by the NHS to stop giving the child dummy by the age of 1 in order to minimise the effects of dental health. It is best to prevent than cure which is why it is recommended to make sure that your child does not take dummy before the eruption of his first tooth which is mostly age1. It is ideal if your age does not use a dummy after his first birthday!

Tips to stop dummy use

Stopping the use of dummy before the first birthday is comparatively easier because the child by then has not developed emotional attachment to the dummy. You can start by giving the dummy for naps or bedtime, later bedtime and then stopping its use completely. Take it out of your baby’s life gradually and slowly.

If the baby if older, then different strategies would be needed to phase out the stronger emotional bond with the dummy. The resistance is almost the same as losing a toy or teddy for an older baby which is why creative ways are required to have the child quit using dummy. You can prepare them with books or toys and even talk them out of it if they are old enough. Rewards can also be given for positive effects. So with smarter techniques and good parenting you can control the disaster that may be caused by the overuse of dummy.  Also make sure that you never ever dip the pacifier in something sweet to encourage the child to like it! It is havoc for the dental health. Do not clean the pacifier with your mouth also; it transfers bacteria to the baby’s mouth which is normally not present there.

The Unseen Consequences of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is one of the most common dental problems that affect many but there is a great need to replace them as permanently as possible. Many people go on the believing that missing teeth only makes it trickier to eat, chew or talk but this is a complete lie. Missing teeth and tooth loss can have real consequences for the dental health if not treated properly. The unsightly gaps in the smile and the lost tooth greatly affects the way you think or feel about yourself.

It has negative effects on your personal life and shatters your confidence while inhibiting your smile. It is a cause of anxiety in people who feel embarrassed to smile in social gatherings. Although these are some important mental health and self-confidence problems due to missing teeth, one of the major consequences is something else. Basically, it is all about your jawbone and how it affects it. It might be overlooked by you but the dentist knows and understands how greatly it impacts your complete jawbone and structure.

Our teeth are surrounded by a special bone named Alveolar bone, which is one of a kind. It requires stimulation which is normally provided by the tooth roots that enables it to continue remodeling and rebuilding itself. In this manner, the jawbone stays healthy and strong. However, the loss of the tooth  in the mouth can adversely affect the stimulation for alveolar one . The loss of alveolar bone begins with the loss of its width, followed by height and then bone volume. With the loss of bone, the loss of gums begins too which starts hampering the ability to eat and speak. Bone loss begins to affect your facial dimensions and makes it appear as if the face is collapsing inwards.

How to halt the bone loss?

Traditionally, missing teeth have been replaced with the help of dental bridges or removable dentures. These do not halt the bone loss and the only way to do is that simulation of the bone must be replaced. This could be done using dental implants. These are becoming the fastest popular way of replacing the teeth. Our dentists will be able to assist and advise you through this treatment which is not everyone. It has many few people suitable for it but the good news is that if you are the one, then you should definitely not fear the loss of self-esteem and self-assurance due to your recede jawbone and structure of your mouth.

At Watling Street Dental Care, we offer Free Consultations for Dental Implants. To book your appointment, please call us on 01634 648080 

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Get a New Smile Fast with Fastbraces

Have you been wondering lately if there was something that could improve your smile and straighten them quickly? Well if the answer is yes, then maybe it is time to see our dentist at Watling Street Dental Care. Many people deny orthodontic treatment because of the unsightly appearances of braces and the time it takes to straighten teeth. With the Fastbraces technology getting the perfect smile in the minimal time is now very much possible!
A traditional metal braces may take 2 or more years to move the teeth in the appropriate position but now with Fastbraces technology this time is cut down to almost half. This treatment makes use of triangular brackets that exert pressure on the teeth which is effective and moves them faster than any other traditional brackets. These braces are suitable for teenagers and adults alike since they take the minimal time of the wearer. The good thing about this technology is that it moves both the crown and the root of the tooth together at the same time without posing any threat to your precious smile. If you have been spending your life lamenting your smile’s appearance then maybe it is time to see what Fast braces can do for you.

What is Fastbraces® technology?

These were developed to straighten the teeth in a different way. It is surely a revolutionary system that is fast, safe and very much affordable. It is a great outbreak in the field of orthodontics.

How does it work?

Unlike the traditional braces, Fastbraces move both the crown and the root of the tooth at the same time which cuts down the overall time. This is because the brackets used work on a very different mechanical principle altogether. An innovative triangular bracket and square wire with special space is used to correct the position of the root. This combinational treatment is what makes Fastbraces so much better effective!

How long is Treatment Time?

The treatment time varies from people to people and cases to cases but one thing is for sure, the time taken is A LOT lesser than traditional treatments. Patients see results within weeks and complete treatments within 3 months or a year.

Are Retainers required?


After the completion of the treatment, retention is needed for only 15-20 minutes every day. This is one of the major reasons Fastbraces is gaining so much popularity and praises. Retainers are not needed to be worn all day or night anymore.

So with all the benefits of Fastbraces Technology and their availability at our clinic, maybe it is time for you to get an appointment and consult the procedure with our amazing dentists. Getting a white, straight smile is not so difficult and time consuming anymore.

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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings are the most common dental procedures in UK with about 84% of the adults getting them more than once in a lifetime. Choosing the right one for your teeth requires proper information of all the options. Here are brief descriptions of the 4 common types of dental fillings available.

Amalgam Dental Fillings

They are an amalgamation of different metals such as mercury, silver, tin and copper. They appear silver when placed, which is why commonly they are known as silver fillings. Amalgam fillings have a great track record in dentistry and have been very successful. The dentist only removes the decayed area in order to place the Amalgam filling. Ceramic or Gold filling, on the other hand may reduce some healthy tooth structure to place the filling. Dentists prefer Amalgam fillings because it helps to retain healthy tooth making it a desirable choice. It is also reasonably cheap and quick to apply. So far it is the most cost-effective dental fillings available. 

Gold dental fillings

Just like the name suggests, these fillings are made out of gold although they do contain other metals. Usually, a gold filling consists of 75% with the rest being made up of silver, palladium or other metals. Gold is amongst the most bio-compatible materials and has a very smooth surface once polished making it kind to the tooth opposing it. These fillings make the wear of teeth around minimal and also make sure that your bite is not affected. Other fillings can be abrasive to surrounding teeth but not gold. Gold is very costly and its fillings are a lot more expensive than others. Also ,Gold dental fillings require the skill of dental technician to manufacture it which makes its cost increase even more.

Ceramic fillings

These are white composite fillings which are made up of a high grade dental ceramic material.  As compared to gold and metals, these ceramic fillings are not as strong but they are chemically bonded to the tooth in a similar way as the laminated windscreen on the car. Through the process of bonding the filling and the tooth, the strength of the filling increases greatly. Since these fillings are specially made by the dental technician, they could be made to look natural. Dental Ceramic used is not as strong as gold however the chemical bond forms a strong union as previously mentioned. This means these fillings have a good longevity and may last many years. They also look very natural and good. The disadvantages about these fillings are that they are somewhat more expensive as they require the expertise of highly skilled technician and also they are more abrasive than other forms of fillings.

Composite Fillings

These are also known as direct fillings and are made up of tooth coloured putty-like material which your dentist can apply directly to the tooth. These composite fillings have a complex composition and contain a light sensitive component that forms the hard filling when a high powered light is applied on it. Since these fillings are directly applied by the dentist they can also be made to look exceptionally natural. Composite fillings are the most commonly used today because of their relative lesser costs. They also last a long time and appear natural. The downfall is that they may stain over time making them a preferred choice for back teeth. They are also considerably softer which increases their higher wear rate. Since they are fitted directly by the dentist they are very easy to repair.

At Walting Street Dental Care in Gillingham Kent, we offer all the above type of dental fillings, to find out which is best for you, book your appointment by calling us on 01634 648080 or visiting our website:

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Teeth whitening

Dental teeth whitening is not just a trend but rather essential treatment for many people who shy away from smiling. It’s one of the best dental procedures that not only boost up the hues of your teeth but also your self-confidence and self-esteem. Teeth whitening is a dental cosmetic treatment which has made the “Dream Smile” available to anyone who opts to get it done. A smile that is charming, glows and wins hearts of the people is the one we all dream for. Yet, sadly there are large numbers of people who fear to even smile in front of people due to yellow or stained teeth. They have felt humiliated for their teeth that smiling is a struggle for them. In order to help you get rid of these public fears and also enhance your smile with confidence, modern dental teeth whitening options are available.

Healthy teeth are very hard but their enamel loses its color over time. You cannot have the small white pearls you had as a child- age and other staining factors get you and your teeth. Over time, you lose the whiteness of the teeth and the freshness of them. They are discolored by some common causes which include teeth staining foods and drinks, smoking or chewing tobacco. In order to reverse the staining, bleaching which is the most popular form of dental teeth whitening is done to bring back the pearly whites.

Although there are teeth whitening techniques available such as at-home tray teeth whitening and teeth whitening strips, it is still best to get the procedure carried out by a professional especially when the condition of the stained teeth is pretty bad. At times, there is light staining and you merely want a one or two shades lighter teeth which can be done at home. However for more elaborate and effective techniques, a dental professional is required. Although it is more expensive, it is quicker and safer. Anyone who needs to get it done urgently for example if you have your wedding coming up and you want teeth to go along with your bright, white dress than our dental professional will be ideal for you to get you a gleaming smile.

Teeth Whitening treatment at the dentist ranges from 2-3 hours and consists of bleaching compounds, laser under the strict surveillance of an expert. The treatment is so effective that results are seen the same day.

It is a fact that your smile is the greatest asset in your life and you are blessed to have a healthy one. You are loved for your delightful smile and it is definitely the first thing that describes you and your mood. Researchers have claimed that people with bright, confident smiles also gain professional success more easily than others! So if you wish to start smiling openly more often and deal with people confidently then having white, pearly teeth is absolutely necessary for you. There are various techniques to remove stains from teeth and seeking our dental professionals help is the best you can do for the quickest and safest options! Get yourself an appointment at Watling Street Dental Care and  consult our dentists for all options suitable for your teeth conditions and pockets.

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Smilelign Invisible Braces

Do you face problems like improper chewing, difficult dental cleaning or low self-esteem issues due to misaligned teeth? Then it is a high time to get braces. People considering braces are hesitant because of their unappealing metal wires and the impact on their appearance.

Smilelign braces offers a suitable alternative. Smilelign are almost invisible and do not become obvious while wearing them. It is a latest orthodontic aligner system in UK which is gaining popularity due to its ease of use and results.

To help understand how the Smilelign procedure works, we have outlined the following answers/steps which are required in carrying out the procedure.

How Do My Teeth Move?

  •        By ‘Scan and Plan’ service, the movements of teeth will be monitored.
  •        This gives a 3D image of your teeth.
  •        This 3D image gives you an idea about how your teeth are going to look after the treatment is completed and so that you can make any changes. This gives you a pre-treatment image of your teeth so that you know what is going to be done with your teeth. This helps you make a decision regarding it and gives you satisfaction.


  •        Very hygienic. Oral health is not compromised.
  •        Far more comfortable than conventional metal bracing.
  •        Gives you a better smile and confidence.
  •        Improves chewing and verbal communication.
  •        Best of all, no one can tell that you are wearing braces.


At Watling Street Dental, we use high tech machinery and methods to help our patients attain a beautiful smile without compromising their looks. Currently we are offering Free Consultation for Braces. Speak to us on 01634 648080 or book from our website:

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Dental Implants in Gillingham


Over the last few years, technological developments have led to substantial progress in the field of dentistry one of which is Dental Implant.  Dental Implant is an effective dental treatment, which is used to replace missing teeth. Dental Implant is a cylindrical post made of titanium, which is positioned in the jawbone with a view to incorporate it with the natural bone. This offers a solid establishment for the replacement teeth.


Dental  Implant  is for  anyone  over the age of  21  years. Dental Implant is suitable for anyone who has single or multiple missing tooth/teeth.  Dental Implant is also suitable for patients who already have removable dentures. Patients can also get dental implants if they don’t find their existing, removable dentures comfortable enough.


Dental implants are recommended to people who are  generally in a good  state of health.   For people who smoke, the healing process after the implants is placed gets delayed. Smoking also increases the chances of rejection for the dental implants procedure. Patient  are advised to stop smoking for dental  implants. Suitability is however assessed by your dentist. It is advised that one should inform  the dentist of any medical conditions one  may have- prior to ones  treatment. The dentist  will  carry out a  medical  and  dental  assessment to determine  if  one is  suitable for  dental implants.


Dental implants have multiple benefits for patients. All these pros have earned it the reputation of being the first choice to replace any decayed or missing teeth for a majority of patients, as compared to other dental options.

–          Dental implants are fixed hence, they are more comfortable in comparison with the detachable dentures.

–          The permanency and well-built foundation of dental implants lets one speak confidently without any ounce of worry that the teeth might slip and cause any unwanted hindrance in one’s  speech. This allows one to smile freely and helps immensely in restoring one self-esteem.

–          In comparison to removable dentures, the trait of dental implants to function like one’s natural teeth and allows one to eat ones food with greater ease and comfort.

–          What makes dental implants more favourable is their durability. They can function well for years and if proper care is taken they can last a life time.

At Watling Street Dental Practice in Gillingham, Kent we are offering Free Consultations for Dental Implants along with easy payment options, call us on 01634 648080  or visit our website:  to book your Free Implant Consultation.

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How does a dental hygienist help

Dental hygienists play a vital role in dental health care and are mainly concerned with the health of your mouth.
They are trained to provide oral health care to patients.
A good dental hygiene and gum health is the foundation of a healthy mouth.

Professional cleaning by the hygienist will help to improve your dental health and ensure huge dental benefits.
A clean and healthy mouth gives you a fresh breath and also improves your appearance. Dental Hygienists are also trained to recognise a of other dental conditions and refer to other health care professional if they are unable to deal with the condition .

Apart from other clinical responsibilities, Dental Hygienists also promote oral healthcare in patients by motivating and encouraging them to practice a healthy dental regime along with providing diet advice.

The following are the areas where dental hygienist provide help:

1) Prevention of Gum Recession and Disease – Gum recession is a process when your gum tissue starts to pull back, exposing tooth root. Gum recession is a common dental problem. Most people don’t know they have gum recession because it occurs gradually. It causes pockets or gaps between the teeth and gum line, making it easy for disease-causing bacteria to build up. Other gum disease includes bleeding gums, painful gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. Gum disease can be stopped, treated and even reversed if caught in its early stages. Your hygienist will not only treat and prevent gum disease, but will coach you to prevent it yourself at home with a better oral hygiene regime.

2 ) Bad Breath Prevention – Bad breath or halitosis is usually caused by dental problem. It can also be made worse by the types of foods you eat and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. Bad breath is a very common reason for people seeking dental care. The odour can be released by bacteria from under the gum line, which only a dental professional can clean. A regular appointment with dental hygienist helps to clear the Tatar and bacteria from teeth, reducing the embarrassment of bad breath.

3) A Whiter Celebrity Smile – Brushing alone cannot make your teeth stainless. These stains are often the result of tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine or other dietary factors. Your hygienist has many ways of removing these stains to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness.

4) Say No To Bleeding Gums – Bleeding gums or seeing blood when you spit after brushing is a sign of gum inflammation. This can be an early sign of gum disease. If caught early by your hygienist, it is usually reversible. Your hygienist knows all the secrets to prevent gum bleeding by thoroughly cleaning hard deposits off your teeth and around your gums, then showing you how to prevent it from building up in the future.

5) Early Detection Can Prevent Oral Cancer – Mouth cancer can happen anywhere in the mouth- on the tongue, lips, inside the cheeks, tonsils, gums and salivary glands. When you have a dental hygiene appointment, our professional hygienist will also screen you for oral cancer. Oral cancer is highly curable if detected early. Your hygienist will give you advice on risk factors for oral cancer and how to reduce them. Risk factors include smoking, alcohol and infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
At Watling Street Dental Practice we offer hygienist appointments for regular check-ups. Book your hygienist visit by calling our friendly team on 01634 648080 or book online from our website:


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FastBraces in Gillingham

Fastbraces are comfortable, safe, and affordable way to strengthen teeth. Now, teens and adults can obtain a smile in half the time it takes with traditional braces. It has bracket design and super flexible nickel titanium wire, which allows both the root and crown of the teeth to be straightened simultaneously.

With traditional braces, teeth are usually aligned in two stages. First Stage focus on straightening the crown of the tooth, and then, in the second year, the focus is on the root. The entire process usually takes at least two years to complete, which also means, the more visit you pay to your dentist the more it will cost you.

However, Fastbraces offers a smart alternative which offers more flexibility and less friction- meaning less pain. Fastbraces technology allows the dentist to strengthen the roots of the teeth first from the start of the process instead at the later stages of the treatment. Once the root is upright, then the tooth is straight. Most patients can get their braces-free smile back in a year or less.

Fastbraces are internationally known and talked about treatment and their popularity grow continuously. Fastbraces are completely safe and much more comfortable than traditional braces. Plus, because the entire process is so quick, they are much more cost-effective too.


So what are the differences between Fastbraces & Conventional Braces:

Old style Traditional Braces Fastbraces Technology
University tested University tested
Used for Decades Used for over 20 years
Square brackets Triangular brackets
Complex treatment Simple treatment
Extraction needed often Almost always non-extraction
Multiple wires used Just one wire
Two to three years Three months to about a year
Typically high cost Typically low cost
Delayed root movement Immediate root movement
Pain issues reported Pain reduction statistically
24/7 retainers 15-20 min a day retainers

At Watling Street Dental Care we offer fastbraces to our patients, you can book a Free consultation by calling us on 01634 576688   or visiting our website at:


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