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Teeth Replacement

Any person who needs to replace a missing tooth can benefit from dental implants. A dental implant is a small post that acts as a tooth root. It is made of titanium, a precious metal that has been proven to be particularly biocompatible. The body accepts it as if it were part of it and titanium is used in many medical situations. Its high strength and resistance make it invaluable in its use in dental implants.

Alternative to dental implants includes bridge and denture. A bridge is a good option if the missing tooth is in a less visible part of your mouth. It’s relatively cost-effective, but it is not without drawbacks. The neighbouring teeth can require treatment to make them suitable to support the bridge, which means removing some of the natural tooth structures or even crowning them.

A partial denture is a cost-effective option, but we find that many patients prefer not to have a denture for just one tooth. Dentures can feel bulky, be difficult to tolerate, and can make it difficult to eat or speak properly.

Dental implants can improve confidence and appearance. They allow people who have missing teeth to be able to smile, speak, and chew well and comfortably. Implants can restore the natural smile creating increased reassurance and spontaneity of expression

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