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Invisible Braces

Invisible brace like the Invisalign adult braces system help gently move your teeth to achieve straighter teeth and better smiles. They work incredibly well and are effective in getting you great results.
Our dentists will conduct a detailed assessment and if it is found to be suitable we will then make different sets of these clear or invisible braces as you progress through your treatment until your teeth is aligned and straight to your satisfaction. Most patients on average are required to visit the dentist after every four to six weeks to assess progress and sometimes issue new aligners.

On completion of your treatment we will provide you with retainers to help hold your teeth in position for a period of time to prevent them moving again.

Benefits of these invisible braces or clear braces are that you can have them on and carry on with your daily chores without anybody knowing you are undergoing any treatment. They are also very affordable and effective meaning you can have straighter teeth at affordable prices.

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