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Private Fees

Private and Denplan Fees

All consultations for private treatment are FREE if the patient decides to go ahead with the personal treatment plan suggested to them.

Free consultation with the treatment coordinator for all cosmetic treatments.

The fees are a guide and may change depending on the individual circumstance. We also reserve the right to change the price without notice.

TreatmentPrivateDenplan CareDenplan Essentials 10% discount
New Patient Examination£75IncludedIncluded
Small X – raysFrom £15IncludedIncluded
Large X – raysFrom £60IncludedIncluded
Stain removalFrom £60£54£54
• AmalgamFrom £50IncludedFrom £40.50
• CompositeFrom £85IncludedFrom £58.50
Root canal treatment   
• Single canal 1-3£295Included£265.50
• Two canals 4-5£350Included£315
• Three canals 6-8£450Included£378
Extraction – Simple£85Included£76.50
Surgical extractionFrom £150Included£135
• Non-precious metal bonded crown£350Lab fees only£315
• Precious metal bonded crown£380Lab fees only£342
• All ceramic crowns (white)£450Lab fees only£405
• Post and core£150Lab fees only£90
Full gold crown, inlay, onlay£350Lab fees only£315
Signum composite crown, inlay, onlay£320Lab fees only£288
Bridge  Non-precious
s metal£420 per unitLab fees only£378 per unit
Precious metal£450 per unitLab fees only£405 per unit
• Full upper and lowerFrom £650Lab fees only£585
• Full upper or lowerFrom £495Lab fees only£445.50
• PartialFrom £295Lab fees only£265.50
• Chrome partialPrivate From £700 per archLab fees onlyFrom £630 per archA lower
r soft bite guard£150Lab fees only£54
Gum shield£150£54£54
Diagnostic wax-upp£35 per unit£31.50£31.50
Study model£65£58.50£58.50
Home Teeth whitening£250£220£250
• Whitening gel – Pola Day 6%, 4 syringes, Pola Night- 4 syringes£70£54£54
Fastbraces£3500 – £4500  
• ConsultationFree With a £25 refundable deposit
ImplantsFrom £2500  
Smilelign£2500 single arch  
Invisalign£2500 single arch £3500 both arches  

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