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Private Fees

Private and Denplan Fees

All consultations for a private treatment are FREE if the patient decides to go ahead with the private treatment plan suggested to them.

The fees are a guide and may change depending on the individual circumstance. We also reserve the right to change the fees without notice.

TreatmentPrivateDenplan CareDenplan Essentials 10% discount
New Patient Examination£75IncludedIncluded
X – raysFrom £20IncludedIncluded
Stain removal£60£54£54
• AmalgamFrom £45IncludedFrom £40.50
• CompositeFrom £85IncludedFrom £58.50
Root canal treatment   
• Single canal 1-3£295Included£265.50
• Two canals 4-5£350Included£315
• Three canals 6-8£450Included£378
Extraction – Simple£85Included£76.50
Surgical extraction£150Included£135
• Non precious metal bonded crown£350Lab fees only£315
• Precious metal bonded crown£380Lab fees only£342
• All ceramic crowns (white)£450Lab fees only£405
• Post and core£150Lab fees only£90
Full gold crown, inlay, onlay£350Lab fees only£315
Signum composite crown, inlay, onlay£320Lab fees only£288
Non precious metal£420 per unitLab fees only£378 per unit
Precious metal£450 per unitLab fees only£405 per unit
• Full upper and lowerFrom £650Lab fees only£585
• Full upper or lowerFrom £495Lab fees only£445.50
• PartialFrom £295Lab fees only£265.50
• Chrome partialPrivate From £700 per archLab fees onlyFrom £630 per arch
Lower soft bite guard£150Lab fees only£54
Gum shield£100£54£54
Diagnostic wax up£35 per unit£31.50£31.50
Study model£65£58.50£58.50
Home Teeth whitening£250£220£250
• Consultation£60£60£60
• Whitening gel – Pola Day 6%, 4 syringes, Pola Night- 4 syringes£60£54£54
• Consultation£80£80£80
• Diagnostic and treatment planning£225£225£225
Fastbraces£3000 – £4000  
• Consultation£90£90£90
ImplantsFrom £2000  
Smilelign£2400 single arch   
Invisalign£2500 single arch £3500 both arches  

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