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Dental Examination

The team at Watling Street Dental Care believe that regular dental checkups are vital in keeping healthy teeth and gums.
That is why during your regular dental check-up we will check your 
  • Tongue and mouth lining for any signs of mouth cancer
  • Teeth for any signs of decay
  • Jaw and face for any abnormalities
  • Gums for signs of potential gum diseases

At this examination, your dentist will also discuss your oral health status and oral hygiene habits and advise you accordingly. Your dentist may also discuss with you

  • Cosmetic dental treatments to improve your smile
  • Denplan is a good way to spread the cost of your routine dental care
  • FastBraces is a very innovative and affordable way to straighten your teeth.
  • Dental Implants A safe way of replacing lost teeth

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