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Fastbraces are comfortable, safe, and affordable way to strengthen teeth. Now, teens and adults can obtain a smile in half the time it takes with traditional braces. It has bracket design and super flexible nickel titanium wire, which allows both the root and crown of the teeth to be straightened simultaneously.

With traditional braces, teeth are usually aligned in two stages. First Stage focus on straightening the crown of the tooth, and then, in the second year, the focus is on the root. The entire process usually takes at least two years to complete, which also means, the more visit you pay to your dentist the more it will cost you.

However, Fastbraces offers a smart alternative which offers more flexibility and less friction- meaning less pain. Fastbraces technology allows the dentist to strengthen the roots of the teeth first from the start of the process instead at the later stages of the treatment. Once the root is upright, then the tooth is straight. Most patients can get their braces-free smile back in a year or less.

Fastbraces are internationally known and talked about treatment and their popularity grow continuously. Fastbraces are completely safe and much more comfortable than traditional braces. Plus, because the entire process is so quick, they are much more cost-effective too.


So what are the differences between Fastbraces & Conventional Braces:

Old style Traditional Braces Fastbraces Technology
University tested University tested
Used for Decades Used for over 20 years
Square brackets Triangular brackets
Complex treatment Simple treatment
Extraction needed often Almost always non-extraction
Multiple wires used Just one wire
Two to three years Three months to about a year
Typically high cost Typically low cost
Delayed root movement Immediate root movement
Pain issues reported Pain reduction statistically
24/7 retainers 15-20 min a day retainers

At Watling Street Dental Care we offer fastbraces to our patients, you can book a Free consultation by calling us on 01634 576688   or visiting our website at:http://www.watlingstreetdental.co.uk/


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