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Over the last few years, technological developments have led to substantial progress in the field of dentistry one of which is Dental Implant.  Dental Implant is an effective dental treatment, which is used to replace missing teeth. Dental Implant is a cylindrical post made of titanium, which is positioned in the jawbone with a view to incorporate it with the natural bone. This offers a solid establishment for the replacement teeth.


Dental  Implant  is for  anyone  over the age of  21  years. Dental Implant is suitable for anyone who has single or multiple missing tooth/teeth.  Dental Implant is also suitable for patients who already have removable dentures. Patients can also get dental implants if they don’t find their existing, removable dentures comfortable enough.


Dental implants are recommended to people who are  generally in a good  state of health.   For people who smoke, the healing process after the implants is placed gets delayed. Smoking also increases the chances of rejection for the dental implants procedure. Patient  are advised to stop smoking for dental  implants. Suitability is however assessed by your dentist. It is advised that one should inform  the dentist of any medical conditions one  may have- prior to ones  treatment. The dentist  will  carry out a  medical  and  dental  assessment to determine  if  one is  suitable for  dental implants.


Dental implants have multiple benefits for patients. All these pros have earned it the reputation of being the first choice to replace any decayed or missing teeth for a majority of patients, as compared to other dental options.

–          Dental implants are fixed hence, they are more comfortable in comparison with the detachable dentures.

–          The permanency and well-built foundation of dental implants lets one speak confidently without any ounce of worry that the teeth might slip and cause any unwanted hindrance in one’s  speech. This allows one to smile freely and helps immensely in restoring one self-esteem.

–          In comparison to removable dentures, the trait of dental implants to function like one’s natural teeth and allows one to eat ones food with greater ease and comfort.

–          What makes dental implants more favourable is their durability. They can function well for years and if proper care is taken they can last a life time.

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